A Reply to Some Questions

Reply to some questions: “You said your idea is true otherwise we should be able to find an example of us doing a kind deed without feeding the image of us being good people or some shit.” I guess – the best way to get a fix on it is to look at the image […]

The Technique

Here’s something that can very easily help you get the perspective you need to trigger the ego avalanche. Alright, so to back up a bit – what is the ego avalanche? A good way to think about it (bear with me) is to use a computer analogy. The human animal is the hardware. The ego […]

Ego Avalanche

Right so This is something that helped me massively, and I think it would help you as well. I’ll explain it in the simplest terms I can, in the way I understand it. I hope that will be enough for you to understand it too. I didn’t discover this approach myself. I learned it from […]

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