A Reply to Some Questions

Reply to some questions: “You said your idea is true otherwise we should be able to find an example of us doing a kind deed without feeding the image of us being good people or some shit.” Really, thanks for engaging with this. I’m glad you’re diving in. I guess – the best way to […]

The Pseudoself

The Psuedoself So first, what is the pseudoself? Essentially, it’s just means “ego”. But the term “ego” has tons of baggage around it, brought in everywhere from new age thought to psychoanalysis. “Pseudoself” is simpler, it just means fake self. It’s just your own self-image, the idea of yourself in your head. It’s fake in […]

The Technique

Here’s something that can very easily help you get the perspective you need to trigger the ego avalanche. Alright, so to back up a bit – what is ego death? Well to start, ego death is a pretty inaccurate term for what this is, but it’s way better than “enlightenment” or “nirvana”. I’d personally use […]


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